2004 Cadillac CTS Q&A

2004 Cadillac CTS Question: Timing Belt

What happens if the timing belt breaks. Does it float the valves and ruin the engine? -
Answer 1
Your car is not equipped with a timing belt. -
Comment 1
My Owner's manuel says I have a timing belt that should be replaced at 100,000 and I have a quote for replacing it -
Comment 2
I looked in the repair information I have here again and info I have here for the car you listed: (2004 Cadillac CTS V6-3.6L VIN 7) If my information is correct it does not have a timing belt. -
Comment 3
You are correct, it does not have timing belt. If in fact it is a 3.6 V-6 it has a timing chain. The 3.6 is another marvel of GM. The timing chain stretches needing replacement. The engine has to be lowered with the sub frame. The labor guide is way off in the time. -
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