Timing Belt on 1994 Volkswagen Jetta

i was going down the road and my car shut off. we discovered it was the timing belt cause some of the ribs were stripped off. being that the belt is striped the timing belt pulleys dont move together. can you still time it? How?

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The timing of the crankshaft and camshaft are already off, so don't worry about it. Getting them into time before replacing the belt is the tricky part. Like the previous person mentioned, get a repair manual and it will have pictures that show you how to line the pulleys up properly.
alright. thanks guys.
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Once the teeth on the belt has stripped the only way to fix is to replace the timing belt and you can get a estimate here and locate a shop here and this is an interference engine and you might have possible valve and piston damage
well we are planning on doing it ourselves. we got to the belt we just dont wnat to take it off till we know what we have to do to time it.
You can get a complete repair guide here