Timing Belt on 2006 Subaru Impreza

How hard is it to change the timing belt on an 06 Subaru? Should I change the water pump too

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Changing a timing belt is an involved and complex job that requires significant engine disassembly and setting the proper timing. Changing the water pump almost always makes a lot of sense, since the significant labor cost is the same for both jobs and is much more than the parts. If you have never done a timing belt job before, I'd recommend getting some help.
Backyard tech, are you referring to www.alldatadiy.com or Mitchell's version?
I wouldn't call it ignorant! Thanks for the answer. I've heard nothing but good things about the info available from AllData.
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matte is correct. When you subscribe to this website you get a step by step breakdown of how to remove and install your timing belt. It is the same info that shop owners pay $185 dollars a month for. Only you have access for your car only, for a whole year. I don't work for this company or make any money. It cost $26.95, I'd say money well spent. If you need anymore help e-mail me at swaths3644@mypacks.net
You know matte that was pretty ignorant of me, didn't put the website address down. Sorry travstang, www.alldatadiy.com. Thank you matte for correcting me.
Thank you both for helping me out. The website was very helpful. Thank you again
matte I prefer Mitchell OD5 because of the feedback that techs can now submit to correct Mitchells mistakes. If you have an opportunity to use Mitchell take a look at the Ondemand live tips. Some users of Alldata say it is more user friendly but I prefer OD5. matte e-mail me so we both have a source of input when we come across a difficult vehicle.