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2000 Volkswagen Cabrio Question: timing belt

where are the timing marks on a 2000 vw cabrio? Thank You -
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The timing belt in my 96 VW cabrio broke and I'm trying to decide if it's worth fixing. Can anyone tell me if it is an interference or non-interference engine? Thanks
My mechanic changed the timing belt on my new "gently used" 98 VW Cabrio convertible about 3 weeks ago and the check engine light...
...ght the care used at about 50k miles and it just turned 100k miles. I have never replaced the Timing Belt. Is it due for one. It seems to be running fine.
has any one had to replace the engine because of the timing belt
Car has spark, fuel pressure, pump relay actuates, and after cranking the car for a bit,when you release the key, you get a backfire.