timing belt on 1994 Saturn SL1

my car wont pass smog becaus ethe timing is off. this car has to have a timing gun it is almost impossible to do it by hand( so i've heard) . where can i go to get this doen at a reasonable price. It woudl help if they could smog it too

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Find a shop that will perform the repair, but you may need to take this to a test only station for the smog test. Here are some shops in your area:
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I don't think this has anything to do with timing belt. Your vehicle does not have a timing belt. It does however have a timing chain which if it was one notch off it would run very poorly if at all. Would need someone to see what is causing the failure. These cars just dont go out of timing they usually rattle or break usually at the tensionor. I strongly feel there is something other than timing being off to pass emission.