2004 Hyundai Accent Q&A

2004 Hyundai Accent Question: Timing

How do you adjust the timing on this vehicle? -
Answer 1
nt adjustable. all controlled by the pcm. Roy -
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is it really necessary to replace spark plug wires when changing spark plugs?
Told timing belt needs replaced.
I have like 57,700 miles on mah accent. About how many miles should I go before changing the timing belt, and spark plugs also?
...ngine light after firestone said they cant fix on post sent to dealer for repair. they told me timing belt had teeth missing had 20% compression in one cylinder. thing he said needs to be fixed is...
...they've never been changed. I'm definitely going to get new spark plug wires, water pump and timing belt. Finally, does anyone out there know if there are more than one oxygen sensor in the car...