tilt wheel steering on 1990 GMC 3500 Pickup

the tilt wheel system seems very loose,is there any way to tighten it.

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Typically there is no adjustment, but instead the bearings wear out in the column.
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Yes there is a way to tighten it, although it is a task for someone with a bit of mechanical knowledge, and common sense. I have completed this task many times in my 50 plus years of repairing and restoring all kinds of vehicles. A few tips to perhaps aid you in your task... Remove the horn assembly, remove the steering wheel, remove the lock plate, and at least pull the wiring harness out of the internal column housing enough to see/locate the three external (male) torx head retainers (seldom are the retaining fasteners a different style of hardware, but sometimes they are... that is where the common sense/logic applies at this stage of the fun and games). Once the wiring is pulled at least partially out of the column tube, you should be able to wiggle the top of the column a bit or visually see the loose retaining hardware. Tilt columns and standard columns are all somewhat the same in appearance inside, again, common sense and logic applies at this time also. Sometimes you may need to remove the key/tumbler at this time to gain better access to the work zone/area. You may need some small sockets and other tools to tighten the retaining hardware, and a bit of cleanup and a dab of blue locktite here also, or you can but a dab of gasket maker (silicone style, any color) on the clean threads also, is a bit easier to repair the next time around. Clean threads on the retaing hardware is the important thing before applying any type of holding chemical, in order to keep the retaining hardware tight, due to vibration/activity during operation of the vehicle/column. Good luck!