tie rod? on 2002 BMW 325i

my 325it has a shimmy at about 40 mph. it is more noticeable when i let off the accelerator. i think it may be a bad tie rod. what else could it be?

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It's common that the control arms wear out on 325s, so that may be what you are experiencing. Best advice is to take it to a good BMW tech and have it diagnosed.
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Don't go near a BMW tech. How much money do you have to throw away. Any tire place can diagnose a tie rod.

However on your certain piece of machinery, it is most probably a lower ball joint. Buy the entire control arm, because it comes with the bushing and ball joint already installed. Surf the internet to get the best price. Last I checked they were about $110.00. BMW wants nearly $500 for theirs and about the same in labor to install. If you're really handy, the ball joint is about $30.00 but you'll need three men and a boy and a press and sledgehammer to install-----buy the assembly.

BMW and their endless engineering advertising campaign, this is a sore spot for any 3 series owner....worn out lower control ball joints and bushings. Raise the wheel off the ground to detect play in either the tie rod, which it won't be or the ball joint, which is a common problem