ticking noise in engine on 1998 Buick LeSabre

I have a loud tapping noise in the engine several people told me it was the haarmonic balancer. I replaced it but engine still makes tapping noise also my speed has been hesitant since the tapping started. I also need a MAP sensor could that be related to either issue.

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The MAP sensor won't be related, it is hard to comment about a noise without being able to hear the sound first hand. I have replaced the harmonic balancer on this engine. This engine has hydraulic valve adjusters perhaps a lifter has a noise.

Perhaps try a product called Risolene in the engine oil it is a high detergency low viscosity it may clean the valve adjusting lifters, another product is SEAFOAM but you have to follow the exact instructions on the can.
Should i use the required oil for the engine or use a thicker grade with Risolene
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on a 2002 Buick la saber. I all of a sudden had a loud knocking coming from the harmonic balancer it turned out to be a plastic plate right behind the harmonic balancer that was making the clicking or knocking you can push on it with a screw driver while the car is running and change the pitch of the knock the sound has quieted down after a day or two of driving it.
I would suggest changing the oil and filter to loosen up a possible sticky valve lifter. Does the engine run rough or hesitate?
It runs hesitant when shifting gears since the tapping noise began
Should i use a thicker grade oil or use the required oil with the Roseline