thumping noise on 2006 Nissan Murano

RE: 2006 Nissan, Murano: p.s. The thumping noise, previously reported, sounds like a rock bouncing around under the left side of the car. The fuel gauge stays on empty most of the time, but occasionally works.

by in Middlesboro, KY on February 15, 2011
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A thumping heard and felt in the floor is often caused by failing engine mounts. A failing mount allows too much movement of the engine, and will require replacement.
when you drive the car you hear a thumping sound coming from the front. what is that?
...ust put in a new transmission, in addition they replace one motor mount. Nevertheless I get a thumping noise under the car. What is more, the transmission shifts in to reverse with an occasional thump....
Taken the vehicle to multiple places and still is not fixed. Seems to be an electronic/computer issue that slowly activates the brake. On mine, it will stay locked for usually around 5 minutes and ...

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