Thump /click sounds on 2006 Chevrolet Equinox

I recetnly noticed a thumping/clicking sound from the back of my Equinox. It happens even if I am in Park or driving.
It does not happen all continually--just once in awhile. It sounds like someone knocking on the back of the car four or five times?

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its air getting into your gas tank, nothing to worry about.
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My 06 Equinox did the same thing of course never when anyone else but me could hear it. People just thought I was hearing things. I bought it new in 06 and it has always done that, so I just assumed it was just going to happen, well I let it go so long that the 4-5 knocking noise coming from the rear went to a load roaring. It was the rear wheel bearing on the back passenger side. Replaced it last May and the noise went away now last month it started again. Hope this helped.
Sounds like the exhaust is touching or rubbing something under your vehicle, maybe one of your exhaust hangers has failed and causing the pipe or muffler to touch the underside of your vehicle.