Thud when hit the brakes on 2006 Chevrolet Cobalt

I have had my tires all replaced and ball joints struts and everything checked but it still knocks and jumps when i hit the brakes!! What is this?? Is there a recall on the front end of the cobalts?

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Could be lower control arm bushings. Do you feel the thud in your feet?
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There is a Technical service bulletin regarding brake noise on Chevy Cobalt when brakes are applied. Correction to brake noise is to replace front brake pads and Add Splash Shields. Follow procedures in service bulletin 00-05-22-002J for servicing the brake rotors and replace the bearing/hub to steering knuckle spacer and replace the spacer with a splash shield on each side.
i changed the pads and rotors the shake got worse but the shake in brake petel stoped and the shake in the stering wheel got a little better if you can tell me why send your awnser to please
Just so you guys know its he same tsb goes for all cobalts,HHR except for 2009 and newer.
Get your breaks done and roders... Had the same problem with the car pretty much jumping when coming to a stop at a high speed... Got my front breaks and roders done and now its smooth.
Does the brake pedal feel like it is going to kick your knee into your face? if so have your brake pads and rotors REPLACED. Do NOT!!!! have them refinished. also you may want to have the splash shield installed as protech mentioned if that is actualy a TSB. I cannot confirm if that TSB is real off the top of my head but it sounds reasonable.