Hi i have all the problems that are common to what you are calling Thrust rod bushings. I called the dealer who seems clueless on what part and location. The dealer said it can be the uper and lower control arm bushings? Can you please send me ASAP a diagram showing where the thrust rod is located and how much the parts and labor can cost. Thanks.

Asked by for the 1994 BMW 740iL
Check out it offers a small diagram but more importantly sells the parts you need. What your looking for is the upper control arm or thrust arm, same thing. In some cases you will need to replace the entire arm which including pre-pressed powerflex urethane bushings runs about $259.00 for the pair. Often the arm doesnt wear as rapidly as the bushings however and just the urethane bushings can be purchased for $79.99. If you can spare the cash if I were you I'd replace the entire arm while your already in there to avoid replacing the entire arm in the near future. goodluck