Throttle sticks.Have to go under hood to reduce acceleration. How can I fix it? on 1997 Kia Sportage

Top cable comes from pedal. Where does the bottom cable attach to. It is loose so it wont return to idle. Both springs are in tact and not broken and the assembly seems ok. If I knew where the bottom cable is attached, I might be able to see what is causing it to stick and not return to idle.

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The bottom cable is either trans. detent (passing gear) or cruise control. Not sure if this car has trans. cable. Do you have cruise?
No I do not! Thank you for your response.
Now you know what the other cable goes to! Transmission.
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seek diag as this could be very dangerous
Thank you for responding. I installed an extra spring to keep the engine from racing and I keep it under 45 until I can find the problem!
The other end goes to gas pedal.