throttle sticks at about 1100 rpms on 1991 Ford F-150

The throttle sticks at about 1100rmps at idle. If I tap the top of the throttle body it drops down to 750 to 800 rpms. I have changed out the TPS and the Idle control valve. How can I be sure that I put the Throttle position sensor correctly?

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Here's some info from a ford forum and it sounds like debris might have gotten onto your IAC and it needs to be cleaned here's the forum Hope this helps
Jack Ask your question again about the throttle position sensor because it needs to show up on the header
Thanks for the recommendations. It is raining here so I will have to try cleaning the idle control valve when it stops raining. Does anyone know how to replace the throttle position sensor correctly?

on the left side wait till engine is cold there is a semi round sensor near the throttle body with 2 torx heads t20 remove them gently. replace tps and start the screw even more gently the tps only goes on one way.plug back in and set idle to 1000 rpm