Throttle Position Sensor Replacement

The throttle position sensor is a key component of the emissions system. It rests on the throttle body of most vehicles and is typically held on with two to three fasteners. When replacing the throttle position sensor, be sure to clean the throttle body, check the throttle cables, and make sure that the air filter is clean.

How to Replace the Throttle Position Sensor

  1. Remove the rubber air intake tube to gain access to the throttle position sensor
  2. In some cases, the throttle body may have to be removed to gain access to the sensor
  3. Disconnect the electrical connector from the old sensor
  4. Remove the fasteners and old throttle position sensor
  5. When installing the new sensor, make sure the rotating teeth are properly aligned
  6. Tighten the fasteners and connect the electrical connector
  7. Clear any PCM codes and perform a Drive Cycle Test Drive to verify the repair

Note: After replacement of the throttle position sensor, the powertrain control module needs to have the throttle position adaption re-set. This is so the PCM can re-calibrate itself to the new throttle position sensor.

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