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2007 Hyundai Sonata Question: throttle position sensor

randomlly loss of power in limp mode how doyou change throttle position sensor -
Answer 1
Do you have a code for that? Because if not, it could be many other things, like misfire, mass air flow sensor, crank sensor etc. Really best to get a diagnosis. If you have a TPS code then here is a replacement article, by the way, use a factory part to avoid even more headaches. http://repairpal.com/throttle-position-sensor-replacement -
Answer 2
If you have the right OBD-II codes, go to a dealer. They need to reset the ECM using a GDS/VCI (which is not consumer friendly). You can replace the part yourself, but the 2007 Sonata's had a special set up which goes beyond a PCM program. -
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