Throttle body/injector service cost on 2000 Toyota Camry

What should be an approximate cost for having the throttle body/injector service done?

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Please let me know the approximate cost fror having the throttle body injctor service done.
what is the cost of performing a throtle body service 1998 nissan maxima
Dealer is currently cleaning the throttle body on my 2007 Nissan Altima as I type. Cost will be $169. I suspect that's high... But I'm not a mechanic.
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Disconnecting the air induction boot and cleaning the throttle butterfly housing takes about 20 minutes. Cost to "service the fuel injectors" by attaching equipment to the fuel injector rail labor will be about 1 hour plus the cost of the cleaner. The equipment each shop has varies and difficulty to hook up to each vehicle differs as well which may be reflected in what each shop charges to clean fuel injectors..