throttle body service on 2000 Jaguar S-Type

my car has 80,000 miles and runs great. When I got my car back from local JAG dealer for regular oil change the sent me a letter saying I need a throttle body service. No problem I can detect. What do I do and are they drumming up business? I have no yellow light or drivability issues.

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Cleaning the throttle body is a good idea as a part of regular maintenance, and our technicians often recommend it to keep your car running perfectly. Normally, a shop will recommend it when you are in for service and they determine that it's time for a cleaning.

You can probably wait until your next oil service--you're not going to suddenly start experience problems if you don't do the service, but it is a good idea in general.
Some of the throttle bodies gave problem (illumination of the Check Engine Light, stalling ect...)on the earlier S-Types. Jaguar don't recommend "cleaning the throttle housings. Do you have drivability issues or the yellow Check Engine Light on?
i have a 2003 jaguar s-type and i have a problem with my throttle body. it slows my car down and i bought a used one in march 2011 but it has began to give? me problems again. what do you suggest