Throttle body replaced on 2004 Lincoln LS

What is a reasonable cost to replace the throttle body and reprogram it?

by in Franklin, TN on January 02, 2011
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ANSWER by on January 02, 2011
you shood not have reprogram computer just clear codes
COMMENT by on January 02, 2011
The throttle body HAD to be replaced with new one.
ANSWER by on January 02, 2011
There is an updated recalibration for DTC codes P2106 and P2135 that is designed to improve the computers ability to process the throttle position signal. Unfortunately, I see this component mistakenly replaced many times. If there are any misfire or MAF/ baro codes, this could be caused by RFI or radio frequency interference. Like your AM radio making static noise near an electrical transformer, a component such as a failed ignition coil could be producing an erroneous code using RFI. These concerns are a trick bag, so be sure to tackle all other codes before chasing down the throttle body. To answer your original question, the repair costs to replace the throttle body would be around $350-$500 dollars.
COMMENT by on June 01, 2015
Hi Brian...i am having this exact problem with these two codes on my 06 LS after having replaced coils, plugs one O2 sensor and a pedal sensor assembly. Next up was to be the throttle body. How does one get this updated calibration? thanks in advance for your help!
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