1991 Dodge Ramcharger Q&A

1991 Dodge Ramcharger Question: throttle body problems

flooding out,fills oil pan with gas..runs for 5 min and then floods out gas comes out exhaust...... -
Answer 1
This sounds like a leaking fuel injector(s)! If you are finding gas in the oil pan, be careful how much you're running the engine because the fuel is likely washing down the cylinder walls. You can test your fuel pressure drop after the engine is shut off. The pressure should stay within 10psi after the engine is shut down. If the pressure is ok, this could be a temperature sensor making the computer think the engine is very cold, causing it to richen the mixture too much. -
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After replacing injector, vehicle will run fine on first start. After shut down, vehicle will not restart.
when the engine misfires the fuel from the injector skips, like it stop injecting fuel. I have replaced the dist, cap, rotor, plugs and plug wires. any ideas?