Throttle body on 1990 Honda Accord

Is the MAP Sensor and the Throttle Position Sensor the same thing, because when I typed in sensor it highlighted the map sensor and sound like what I was told the throttle postion sensor does.

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It does not have a Mass Airflow Sensor. The TPS tells the computer the postion of the throttle plate. The MAP (Manifold Absolute Pressure) sensor tells the computer the load of the engine to calculate the amount of fuel it needs. What is the problem that you are having with the car?
I really don't understand your question. What does the previous owner say whats wrong with it? If you want help e-mail me at
Looking to buy a 1990 Honda Accord for 200 it has about 151000 miles the guy says it will crank, but some times it will cut off. He had someone look at it and told him thats what was wrong with it plus it needs a rear motor mount. Do you think it is worth it to buy? Also can I just buy the sensor or do I have to buy the whole throttle body, someone was telling me from 90-93 that sensor was built into the throttle body?
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No, they are two different components: