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Kia Rio Threw a Rod

Kia Rio Problem
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Model Year Affected: 2008

Engine Affected: 1.6L 4 Cylinder

  • nursejacqui, , 1.6L 4 Cylinder, 52,520 mi

    I had just merged with the interstate and had been driving about 1 mile at 65mph when my 2008 KIA Rio 5 lost power. I looked down and saw a blinking engine light and possible electric (everything was happening very fast) light. At that moment I heard a very loud metallic "crunch", very hard to describe but one that just tells you something very bad just happened. Thinking that when I glanced at the dash I may have hit something I checked the rear view mirror for what I may have hit to make that awful metal noise and saw nothing. Looking forward again I noted the copious amnount of white smoke billowing from the hood, and now I knew exactly what happened. I shut the car off, coasted to the road's berm with a trail of oil behind me. Later, at the KIA dealership I was shown the rod I threw through the engine block in 3 places and had hit the starter and may have damaged the transmission as well. Now waiting to hear that KIA has approved my new engine and a transmisison check.

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