Thoughts on whether its worth swapping to a new trans on 2002 Honda Civic

I have an 02 Honda civic ex 5spd sedan. Its getting around 200k now and ive already had to replace the catalytic converter, resonator, passenger hub, ignition coils, intake, and put in a new clutch. The TOB just went on the car so now im going to have to replace the clutch again and its got me thinking whether to drop the car or put a new trans on it and keep driving it. any thoughts or suggestions? if i put a new trans on it with low miles do you think it will deteriorate the engine any? because the d17a2 thats in it has been leaking oil a lot lately which doesnt bother me too much but i dont want to trans swap it then something in the motor end up going to.

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time to repl, cost of repair exceeds value of car
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great car for street mod.s. find young gear head to sell it to.
to rebuild your tranny: $500.00 rebuild kit. 10 hrs. labour. rate depends on tranny shop.
should be able to get $1000.00 for the car as it is.