this vehicle runs good when cold. when it gets up to 180 it starts to run bad. on 2001 Chevrolet Blazer

we have changed all of the sensors, fuel pump, sending unit, converters cleaned out, checked wiring, cap rotor, plug wires, and it still runs bad. what could it be

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Need scan test, fuel pressure test with engine running and eng. off to check system for leak down.
When all the sensors were changed was the temp. SENSOR changed as well?
we have already changed the temp sensor twice. we even did a fuel pressure test. do you think that it could be the computer.
What are the codes NOW?
could it be the main computer temp sensor. are there 2 sensors on this type of vehicle. if so where is the one for the computer temp sensor
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what size motor? if 4.3L the fuel injection spider and regulator comes to mind. gm had issue with them going bad and causing runability isssue and flooding
yes it is a 4.3L we have changed that also. both of those are brand new.
where did you buy part,dealer or rebuilt aftermarket?
NAPA at a dealer
napa at dealer, explain its one or the other. try this run car for approx 5 mins then shut off. on top of the intake manifold there is a 2" black plug remove it and see if the intake is full of fuel. if so you have a poss defective spider
we have done that. it only starts running bad when it starts to get warm. do you think that it could be the main computer since everything else is done and new. the other thing that we were told is that the main wiring harness. runs fine until 180 then it floods it self out.
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