This guy wants me to buy this 05 Ford but I hear a clicking noise in dash on 2005 Ford Explorer

When we go for heat we hear a clicking noise behind the controls. I'm thinking the heat door is stuck and dealers would charge $1,000 for repair. Is this the prob? Can I fix it at a less cost?

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I agree with all three but i would check for a broken blend door
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It needs to be checked by a shop. The clicking could be a bad actuator. But any used car purchase should have the car looked at by a tech before you buy it.
I agree with Gillespie's,have it checked! it could be a blend door actuator ( I could fill a 50 gallon barrel with all of the ones I replaced) or the door inside the plenum itself.
Most fords I have these problems, it's an easy fix. It's just a door motor for the air ducts. Replace it and the noise should go away.