1998 Chrysler Sebring Q&A

1998 Chrysler Sebring Question: This car has no power to the distributor and no spark, wants to start but won't.

We have installed a new distributor, wires, plugs and tried a crankshaft sensor with no luck. Any ideas?? -
Answer 1
Did you check the timing? What was the problem tht caused you to replace everything? Double check spark plug wire routing. Correct gap on plugs? Need more info. -
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My son got this car from his father. He said he replaced the distributor when it quit running one day and replaced these other parts. I also know it has been sitting for four years covered up. We are trying to test the crank sensor now and the distributor just in case -
Answer 2
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Yes timing belt is fine, camshaft and distributor are fine, just no power. We are thinking its the computer, pcm because it also won't work with the code reader and we replaced the crankshaft sensor a couple of times and that isn't it either -
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where are you buying the crankshaft sensors aftermarket are junk 50% of the time -
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Two were used one was new from Napa Auto Parts, not sure that is the problem -
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napa crank sensors are junk in my opinion -
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Well we can try another one I guess if the computer isn't the problem but that is what everyone that has looked at it thinks it is -