This car has four horns.None are working Why? on 1994 Buick Park Avenue

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The horn was very sensitive, all I had to do was brush it with my purse or elbow,etc and it would blow. It didn't stick or stay on but was annoying. Had my garage people look at it and when they got done, it didnt ever work again! They denied they did anything to make this happen. Now the horn will not work at all..O'rileys man said it could be a connection under the hood.. Already checked the fuses under the dash, any other fuses I should check?
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it worked BEFORE someone looked at it? possible disconnected wire, i would check for power to the horn button and backtrack.
When you press the horn button, do you hear any clicking under your dash or under the hood? The horn button avtivates the horn relay which in turn activates the horns. If you dont hear the relay clicking, check the horn fuse which is a 15 amp fuse at location #3 in your relay center. The relay center is probably located under the hood but I would look at your owners manual for the specific location of the relay center to be sure.