Thinking of bying cobalt LT 2007 11/06 on sticker. 84k. Would u recommend it?
on 2007 Chevrolet Cobalt

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What should i pay attention at bying that car?
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Depends on the price. ROAD TEST it on rough roads and listen for popping, rattles and clunks from the front end. They had lots of issues with this and there are lots of bulletins and fixes (one bulletin list 9 different possible issues and corrections!!!). Secondly, at slower speeds, especially on turns, listen for grinding in the front end. We have done lots of front hubs on these. Listen for clunks/rattles during parking lot manuevers and over small bumps like a driveway lip. There have been steering column noises which we have been correcting. Have someone or some shop that you know scan the vehicle for codes. Be aware of ABS speed sensor codes and ECM O2 Sensor and Cat Efficiency codes. If it needs a catalytic convertor and is not under warranty of some kind, they can get expensive. Listen for exhaust rattles as telltale signs of cats going out. Last, but not least, take it to a shop (preferrably a GM dealer) and get a complete vehicle inspection done. Just tell them you are thinking of buying it, but not from who or where. If it is at a Dealer now, find another one just to get an unbiased opinion. If the person or dealer selling the vehicle won't let you do any of this stuff I listed, run, don't walk, away from the car. If all the above checks out, and the price is right (check Kelly Blue Book online for the going rate in your area) then you should be ok. Given the mileage and year, I would guess that most of what I mentioned has already come, been diagnosed and fixed, or they are getting rid of it due to some of the things I mentioned. Good luck and happy buying.
Thank you for reply. Very helpful.