Think of buying one but... on 1991 Nissan Maxima

OK so a friend wants to sell me one for 100, great cause I need a car! Its got one owner 200k, and its been sitting for a year with a dead battery, she got a new car so its just been there. It ran great before, but what should I do to get to start up? Is it work fixing?

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Good advice for Roy and Raiderron. If this car is only $100 it probably has had a huge amount of neglected maintenance. With this mileage the engine is probably due a timing belt alone, perhaps a transmission oil change, engine oil change, maybe brakes and tires. Have a pre-purchase inspection done to make sure you are not throwing away your money. I now times are tight but a bad car can quickly become a money pit unless you accept that you are going to drive this car and when it breaks down it will be towed to a wrecking yard.
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get it towed to a shop and spend a little for a complete evaluation. remeber, you get what you pay for.

So far all I know it needs is a battery and clean the connections when install, check and add fluids as needed, drive it and see what happens. If getting for $100 then see what it needs and have a cutoff amount in mind before fixing anything that comes up.