2005 Subaru Legacy Q&A

2005 Subaru Legacy Question: think of buying a 102 miles. runs great- no add maintaince done.should do"s?

a timing chain? water pump? trans fluid/filter? . pit falls of car and how costly are these type of repairs repairs -
Answer 1
Timing chain for sure.. Have the trans. checked out prior to purchase. I'd consider doing the 90K mile tune up done if it hasn't been done....I had my 60K done 4 years and 10K miles late with no problems. Just had the bucks to do it. I have an 89 Subie that I love..it's only got 75K miles on it and the timing chain was changed out at 70K because I wanted to keep driving it forever...These cars will go anywhere for a long time. -
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thanks sooo much.. what did that cost u.. u do it or have done. did you do the rest around the chain as well? what does that sort of run...and thanks again -