Things to do before restarting a car that has been sitting? on 1995 Subaru Impreza

I've had my car sitting in my drive way for a few years now. I'm considering buying a new battery and getting it up and running for quick errands (5-10 miles). Other than oil, oil filter, air filter change, and new gas... Is there anything else I should do before I attempt to crank the engine? Thanks for your help.

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Spark plugs and put some fuel stabilizer like seafoam in the tank. Check brakes as rotors tend to rust and pit when sitting still a long time. Belts have a tendency to dry rot sitting long periods so put some belt conditioner on liberally.
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You should change the oil and pull the fuse for the fuel pump and crank the engine for a minute to relubricate the cylinders and bearings. All fluids should be changed ASAP
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