Thermostat Replacement on 2006 Hummer H3

Where is the thermostat housing. What tools are required for this job. What is the thermostat part number and what does it cost? Thanks

Asked by for the 2006 Hummer H3
It's located under the drivers side wheel well. Part Motorad 538-187 Thermostat - $30.
Tools and Supplies: 1. New thermostat and housing.
2. New 2 gal. Dexcool anti-freeze.
3. New plastic fender push type retainers for wheel well liner.
4. Bucket – To catch anti-freeze.
5. 10mm socket.
6. U-Joint (swivel) for drive socket.
7. 10” drive extension bar and 6” drive extension bar.
8. Pliers to remove hose clamps.
9. Flat blade screwdriver.
10. Lug tool from Hummer H3.