Thermostat problem? on 1993 Ford Taurus

I am not a mechanic in anyway. My girlfriend's Taurus windshield fogs up after the car warms up with the defroster on or off. It is especially bad on a rainy day. It also has smoke coming from the vents after the engine is warm. The check engine light is constantly on. Is this the result of a bad thermostat? And where is the thermostat located? Can I replace this myself or do I need a certified mechanic to replace this?

by in West Lebanon, IN on September 09, 2009
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ANSWER by on September 09, 2009
Does it smell like antifreeze if so you might have coolant leak in the heater core if no smell i need more info does the heater/AC work on newer vehicles ac is on when defroster is As far as check engine light could be but might be something else I get the codes checked for free at Autozone
COMMENT by on September 10, 2009
Do not smell antifreeze. When you turn on AC, the car stops running completely after a few minutes, then you have to let it cool down for about twenty minutes so it will start again. Is the thermostat located where the big hose enters the engine from the top of the radiator , right next to the air filter container?
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