Thermostat Change Cost on 1999 Chevrolet Metro

I was in a accident that caused my engine to overheat, and stall. I took it to the shop and they informed me that they would need to change the thermostat in order to see if there is any internal damage to the engine. I understand this process, but was told it would cost around $305 to do so. According to, it would only cost around $120 at most. I am trying to see if there is a reason for the large difference in cost. Whether it has to do with them doing more tests, or they are just trying to rip me off.

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They might have a diagnostic fee included in the price, But repairpal's estimator is right on the money as my book shows .8 of a hour and about $20 for the themostat
Yes as it states on Repairpal's estimator the prices don't include diagnostic fees
I believe diagnostic tests are going to be conducted after the thermostat is changed. Would that justify the high cost?