thermostat change on 1995 Mercury Villager

how do i change thermostat

by in Wichita, KS on February 22, 2010
0 answers
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Changed stat and guage shows hot. How do I vent the block or how do I burp system?
would u know where to find this sensor on the intake
i have a 1997 mercury villager gs van. the temp. gauge went to h. i changed the thermostat added the right amount of coolant. when i took it out for a test drive the gauge went all the way to h aga...
my vehicle is overheating, ive literally done everything except change the heater core and heater control valve. Ive changed the water pump, radiator and hoses and the thermostat. I have drained th...
We have exhausted our thoughts on what can be making my van overheat. We replaced the fan motor, replaced thermostat, reseated distributor, had it timed, had new fan relay put in and it blew and re...

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