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2002 Land Rover Discovery Question: thermostat

is there a recall on thermostat housing on 2002 dicovery -
Answer 1
I don't see a recall for that in my information, labor guide says 1.4 hours to replace. -
Comment 1
I checked as well, and there are no recalls or tsb for cooling system. Roy -
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A sticking thermostat can cause the engine cooling fans to operate even if they are not needed for cooling.
I replced the water pump,thermostat,antifreeze,no mixing of anything in the oil, plenty of oil what could it be?
My car run hot and I do not know why. I changed the thermastat. Do you think it may be the water pump or radiator. My car runs fine besides it runs hot.
already changed: water pump twice, therm,. hoses. fan
stays cool when idle but when I drive about 2 miles it runs hot and I hear some knocking and see smoke on the driver side of the engine.