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2002 Chevrolet Trailblazer Question: thermostat

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Sometimes it helps.? -
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Again Jess4919, same answer as before, Normal operating temp. No repairs needed. -
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I'm getting a P0128 CODE on my Trailblazer. It is caused by a defective temperature sensor or thermostat. Where are these items located?
Engine light on, OBD II Code P0128 and P0106. Coolant temperature below Thermostat. Leak somewhere from the coolant line when the air-cont on. I just change the map sensor last week and reset it ...
I have had this P0128 Code for over a year now - so it obviously is not causing problems because the engine runs fine, great gas mileage, etc. The problem says that the thermostat should be replace...
I ordered a thermostat and all the replacements dont bend 90 degrees like the original.I dont want to take off old one till I know I have the right part.