Thermostat on 2000 Pontiac Grand Prix

My check egine light is on and I took it in for a free check engin light test and the code came back as 1 of 3 things...cooling system, either low on coolant, bad thermostat or sensor unit. I bought both of the later and I need to know how to replace both. Last year I spent over 1,300 on car repairs at the machanic and got robbed, my car has not ren the same again, I am a single mom and dont have the faith or money to trust another person to work on my car. I have worked on my cars many times but they were always older models. Please help !

by in Puyallup, WA on March 21, 2009
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ANSWER by on March 22, 2009
What exactly was the code. I need to know the Pxxxx number before we can deal with how to repair your car. There are several coolant/cooling system codes. Each one means something different. How is the condition of your coolant? Is it clear or is it murky? Does it look like like there may be oil in in the coolant in the coolant reserve bottle ( it will look muddy and/or funky ) . Also, how does the coolant look in your radiator if you remove the cap ( when it is cool enough to do so). Also, how many miles are on your car? What did the last mechanic do for $1300 or supposedly do. What did he/she try to fix? You absolutely need to know the exact code(s), because there hundreds! Go back and have the tech write it down. Then we can make forward progress. Other wise you/we are just the blind leading the blind, and we will just waste a bucnh of YOUR money.
COMMENT by on March 23, 2009
the car has 119,000.00 miles on it I did all the repairs to it the end of Aug 08. The work I paid 1,300 for was new breaks, (that are now worse) took it back 4 times they couldnt get it right, radiator flush, tune-up, oil change and new tires. My coolant looks fine, I dont know what code came up the teck didnt tell me I was told it was one of the three things listed above. At first I thought it might be a oxgyn sensor because my check egin light comes on when I climb a big hill, stays on for a few weeks and then if I climb the hill again it goes off, my engine light was on for the past 3 weeks yesterday I climbed that hill again then it went off, now my low oil light is on
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