There's a squeeking and grouling noise coming in the front part of the engine. on 2000 Dodge Ram 1500

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When idling or running down the road it makes the squeeking noise like a worn out belt tensioner. After starting and while driving the groul is constant sometimes going away and other times not. I'm not positive what it could be. Any idea's?
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Remove drive belt start engine see if noise gone! IF so, turn off eng., spin driven componets to see, hear what the problem is! Or visit a mechanic and have this done.
Ok, I did what was suggested and found the engine didn't make the growling noise while running, with the belt off and all pulley's were good to go with the exception of the pulley on the water pump. You can wiggle it back and forth as if it's loose. I'm not having any overheating issues water is a steady 150-180 degrees. Is the pulley just loose or am I going to have to replace the entire water pump?