There is oil mixed in with the antifreeze fluid in my radiator. Why? on 1995 Isuzu Trooper

I recently had a neighborhood mechanic replace the power steering pump, altenator, and radiator fan in my Trooper. Also, he told me my transmission is starting to go bad, and did a "transmission tune-up". My theory is that some mechanics SAY they know how to work on foreign cars, but end up experimenting instead. Could he have done something wrong?

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IF auto trans.,possible radiator trans. fluid cooler is defective, fluid leaking into coolant there! And may cause transmission to act up. Can easily be tested. See a repair shop or trans. mechanic. This cooler is inside the radiator.
Thank you, guys.
U bet.
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Might have a problem with engine block maybe a crack. I would flush radiator system out again.
Thank you.