2006 Chrysler PT Cruiser Q&A

2006 Chrysler PT Cruiser Question: there is no power getting to the a/c compressor causing no cold air to come out.

we already scanned it but no codes show up. -
Answer 1
Codes will not set for this kind of concern. Check the cycle switch to make sure it's not an open circuit. -
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where is the cycle switch located? -
Answer 2
The system protects itself by not allowing the compressor to engage if the refrigerant is low. There is a low pressure switch that does this is located in the passenger side strut tower to chassis leg area, two wires on it black and a black /light green wire. A company called Alldata has great information on line that is inexpensive to buy that has vehicle specific test information and wiring diagrams. -
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refrigerant is not low -
Answer 3
cycle switch is on the low side by the dryer assembly. Like dave said, you need to check for voltage as it may be bad. how do you know you have enough freon?? Roy -
Answer 4
I was told to take mine to a dealer -