There is blue smoke coming from the exhaust when start up. Expensive to fix? on 1999 Toyota RAV4

Can I do it myself? I have 275,000 kms. showing. Is it worth fixing or should I just keep replacing oil as needed? Will the engine eventually fail? I have always done regular oil changes at 5000 km.


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VALVE SEALS! Happy holidays.
AND marvel mystery oil.
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get cyl leak down test done and diag then decide.
Thanks for all your replys. Getting an engine rebuild by qualified people may not be cost effective. If it was a Ferrari..sure...but its an old car with a lot of miles. The rebuild would be worth more than the car!
Does anyone think the lifters may be loose, and just by tightening them down may stop the leak? How about the use of synthetic oil for high milage engines?
NOPE; How much is a used one, wrecking yard?
Burning oil; How much?
Quite a lot in the morning especially. During the day, not as much, but still noticable.
Sorry, Didn't see a response when eating. Could be expensive if the rings are bad. Does it miss? Could just be valve guides/seals. If you do a valve job only, you could blow your rings. If your adding a quart or two per oil change, it may need rebuilt.
If you always maintain the oil level, burning a little oil isn't a big deal as long as it doesn't create a misfire or other driveability issue. Think of it this way, you could buy a lot of oil for the price of fixing or replacing your car. Even if you are burning a quart in five hundred miles, you are only talking about eight hundred dollars to go another 100,000 miles.
I'm really surprised you said that, never mind.
Maybe down in Texas you get to rebuild a lot of engines, up here in the rust belt we don't. I'm one of the few guys left that will strip a block and send it to the machine shop and do full rebuilds but we just don't do enough of them to be profitable because the cars fall apart way before the owner see's a return on the expense. So IF it isn't causing any other issues, and it can be maintained so as to not risk damaging the engine further then adding oil is not only OK, its normal.
Does Washington really have that type of issue. But I guess one tech's answer doesn't mean anything when you have different answers from different states joining on opinions. Guess that's what makes the world go round.
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