There is a type of oil leaking into my drivers floorboard orderless/colorless on 2004 Volvo V70

My a/c stopped giving cold air. I heard a hissing sound and then little by little no more cold air . But heat does work. Cleaning the car the I noticed oil seeping through drivers side floorboard . There no odor or color to it. And the car is running fine. What can it be?

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A/C evapaporator core is leaking.... it will have to be replaced.... A/C system contains clear/oderless oil in the system! ... Along with the oil was your FREON charge... thus the reason the A/C stopped cooling.!....... It ain't going to be cheap!!! Sorry...
Yes I have heard thank you!!!
I have the same problem with the odorless oil but we haven't had heat for about a year. is there an oil in the heating coil. This is a 2006 equinox all time all wheel drive. Any thoughts ?