There is a quick disconnect on our truck. I'm seeking the trick to disconnect it. on 1998 GMC 1500 Pickup

I can't seem to find the trick to get the coupler disconnected? Is there a simple trick? How is the coupler release? Do I push on the outer collar? Mine seems not to move, like a air hose collar coupler.. Any help well appreciated..

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there are several types of quick connects some you apply pressure to two sides of the connector and it opens the two locking sides. others have little white tabs sticking out of open side connector those type you have to apply pressure to the two white tabs pushing inward while pulling apart. and the other type is like the ones on your fuel and a/c connections these reqire a specail tool to remove, good thing is they are avaivable at most auto parts stores about 15.00 for whole set.
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what are you working on