there are three codes coming up p0172 p0175 bank 1 and 2 too rich and p0300 on 2005 Dodge Ram 1500

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there are these three codes coming up p0172 p0175 bank 1 and 25 too rich and p0300 cylinder 2 misfire and there is a strong fuel smell when running. You must keep your foot on the gas to keep running. We have replaced all spark plugs and the EGR valve what could be wrong
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The engine will start as long as the throttle is held part way open. Seems like a serious vacuum leak. Runs terrible and has codes P0172 and P0175.
Tests/Procedures: 1. Check engine compression. This engine has a problem with breaking valve springs.
Tech Tips: If one valve spring breaks on this engine it will quit and you can barely get it to start and run.
We replaced the coil in the second cylinder and now the code of the p0172 and p0175 are gone but we are still getting the code of p0300 and the strong fuel smell is gone. But we are still having the same issues with the truck where it will not run unless you have your foot on the gas. Could it still be the issues you explained?
Do what I posted. You most likely have one or more broken valve springs.
Thank you so much it was the spring and the truck is now running great!