Theft system not allowing the car to start, how to bypass or reslove this problem. on 1995 Buick LeSabre

Car was running thef light flashes when door is open, car turns over but want start, getting gas and fire, gas is getting on spark plugs and places it shouldn.

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Anti theft aint the problem if you are getting fuel and spark! Define getting gas on places it shouldn!
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I know in my buick there are these plastic union fittings on the gas lines right above center of motor. I pushed one aside one day and gas spit out. Maybe the gas is coming from there. My car will start and die right away if I have a very low tank. Gonna change the fuel filter and them fittings when I get a chance. Also was thinking of changing the M.A.F. sensor too and even the EGR valve but they want 160 bucks for it and moneys tight.