The wires burned on the condenser fan of my 2003 Honda Odyssey. on 2003 Honda Odyssey

Would this cause the compressor to stop working also, possibly through the run capacitor?

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The compressor won't work unless the PCM and /or the climate control module see specific input signals from all involved components , so yes the condensor fan being inoperative would cause the A/C not to work. It runs through a relay controlled by the climate control module. The burned wires and the CAUSE of why they burned needs to be fixed. If the A/C is still inoperative , further diagnosis will be necessary.DO NOT TRY TO RUN JUMPERS TO THE FAN(S) TO BYPASS THE BURNED WIRES!! This will cause unwanted feedback through the system causing more problems.(not that you would do that , I just know someone out there would , and I've seen it to many times) Good luck.
Thanks ziptie12. That was very informative. Thanks again!