The top on my xlr struggles to go up or down and has a higher pitched sound. on 2004 Cadillac XLR

It appears to be acting like it is low in fluid. Can anyone tell me what the reservoir looks like and how do I add fluid if it is low? It is supposed to be in the left rear storage area, but I don't know what to look for.I don't see anything in there that looks like a reservoir.Any help will be greatly appreciated.

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fluid res.should be under rt or left rear quarter panels where top must remove headliner and have manual folding instructions. i rec you have it ck'd at the dealer,if the fluid is low you have a hyd line leaking somewhere
I found the reservoir and sure enough it was below minimum.I filled it to max, using my wife's turkey basting needle. After raising and lowering the top one time, it was down to minimum again.I thought perhaps it took that much to fill the lines, so I filled it again. I had the same results three times, now I am out of fluid,which cost me 60 bucks and a week to get it.I assume there is a leak. The headliner is dry, but it is all wet arround the base of the reservoir and the pocket that it sits in.My local cadillac dealer is clueless. They did not even know that the top had a pump and fluid. How would I go abot finding a place to do repairs without going to California,LOL. I am in Mount Airy NC or better known as Mayberry on TV.
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