1993 Toyota Camry Q&A

1993 Toyota Camry Question: The timeing belt broke.

Engine quit in traffic, wouldn't restart, Too diagnose the problem, I removed distributor cap, slowly pulling on altanador belt to turn over engine, i notice rotor did not turn while turning over engine by hand. . Note: i checked all electrical fuses, and other problems first before the belt source, I have no history on the car and it has 221.000 on it. Question? any chance of damage too head & valves -
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No damage,free running engine.Replace belt and water pump and keep on trucking. Cam,crank& oil pump seals should also be replaced. But timing belt and H20 pump is a minimum! Be sure to check all componets&replace as needed.Now if you plan on driving the car a lot and are going to keep it on the road,then replace all timing componets(kit) and seals. Valve cover gasket and pcv valve also.Real durable engine even with high miles. -
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i have a similar problem car stopped suddenly on the road, it will however start if left alone over night, it will run for a few seconds then dies. i replaced the fuel filter and fuel pump, no joy, still doing the same thing. would car with a snapped timing belt run at all? -
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